Take charge of your healing journey!

Healing is much more than a body part not feeling right. What looks on the surface isn’t the full story. Physicians rarely take time to understand your history. You may share symptoms with others but what put you into your current state could be vastly different. Everyone is unique. The best way to fix pain is get rid of it. And it is possible to eliminate pain if we understand contributing factors.

Identifying contributing factors.

Eveything begins small. Chronic pain is often the outcome of repeated actions and behaviors that negatively impact your physical and mental health. Let’s talk about negative patterns that get in your way, followed by ideas about avoiding and changing them.

Psychological factors: Crunching jaws and muscle tightness is pretty common when under emotional stress. The sensation of pain is greatly amplified when you are constantly worried about something. Negative emotions, for instance, long brewing anger activates sympathetic nervous system which increases the feeling of pain. On the other side, the simple act of laughing can help you forget the pain. How you engage into everyday experiences influences the perception of pain.

Environmental factors: Not everyone has luxury of time, energy and money. You could be the sole breadwinner in your family, working long hours or have a demanding job. You may need to support someone emotionally in your family or social circle. Such obstacles make it harder to find time for yourself. Dealing with pain is already difficult in itself. Such situations make things worse.

Physical factors: You may have recently gone through a surgery or implant and the pain is the direct after effect.

Perhaps you know yourself better than anyone else. You need to retrospect and see how you got into the situation why you are in today. At iBliss, we support you by providing necessary resources and guidance. Schedule initial consultation with us.

What is next? Can you change things to better support your healing goals?

Turning things around

Sometimes you are aware that it is your lifestyle causing you the pain but you’re unable to change things have since you think you have no control over things happening in your life. You may be surprised to hear that many things are negotiable, and if presented correctly, outcome could be in your favor.

Be assertive when talking to your employer: Healthy you translates to improved productivity. It means better you is better for company’s bottomline. Have a conversation with management and ask for flexibility or sometime off the work. Your health is the most important thing for you. No amount of money can buy it back. Don’t expect things to lend straight into your favor. Just stay assertive and continue negotiating terms, hours, wages and other things that support your healing journey.

Find support from your family: Have an honest conversation with your spouse or family and tell them about how you feel. They can help you with chores which frees up some of your time.

Rest and relax: Too much of anything is not good for your body. Do you get enough time to relax in weekends? Can you limit amount of working hours? Resting is a simple and effective way to heal quickly. Immediate financial loss saves you money spent on therapies and treatments later. Do the cost/benefit analysis. A relaxing massage can help soften fascia and hence, release the tension. Find time that works for you.

Our Patient driven care

At iBliss, we facilitate, support and guide you at every step. We strongly believe that you must be in charge of your own care and journey to bliss. Everyone has a unique history though symptoms may appear same. We take time to understand you before creating treatment plan based on our experience and supportive data from past treatments. We aren't perfect and sometimes what works for one patient doesn't work for others. However, we learn quickly and refine the treatment plan based on observations. Are you ready for your own, personalized healing journey?