Massage for Fibromyalgia

Looking for a sound, blissful sleep? Or want to revive yourself?

It is no secret that a massage can soothe muscles and calm your mind. At iBliss, successive well-curated massage sessions promote long-lasting relaxation inducing increased quality sleep and restoring mobility. End result is revitalized you, living with ease!

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Our commitment to care - Fibromyalgia

It ain't an ordinary spa! At iBliss, we are result-oriented and boundary-line obsessive about feedback driven care. Goals are established after initial consultation and then massages are provided based on blueprint tailored to your unique needs. Here is sample blueprint for a Fibromyalgia patient:

Sample high-level blueprint: Fibromyalgia treatment

Goal: Prevent reaccumulation of tension

Phase 1(Sessions 1-4): Focus on specific areas experiencing pain.

2 sessions per week. Very few clients report aggervated pain due to toxic waste from tissues are released into circulatory system

Phase 2(Sessions 5-10): Full body massage for promoting blood circulation throughout.

2 sessions per week. Light stretches and rehabilitative exercise.

Break: 2 weeks

Phase 3(Sessions 11-24): Substantial relief from chronic fatigue and tension headche.

Exercise 4 times a week. 2 sessions per week.

Break: 3 weeks

Phase 4(Sessions 25-30): Improved mobility, reduced stiffness across body and longer quality sleep

1 session per week.

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Petrissage strokes(e.g. kneading, lifting, rolling) improves blood circulation, stretch muscle fibers, reduce adhesions and facilitate healing, thereby inducing relexation.

Massage therapy rpromotes secretion of endorphins, body's natural pain relievers, that are often referred to as "happiness hormone". Additionally, it keeps level of the stress hormone cortisol, at bay.

Increased blood flow to brain relieves headache and boosts nmental clarity.Massages help restore homeostasis of body that decreases anxiety and depression.

We listen to you and offer modalities that may work for you. Goals are established and the blueprint is tailored based on your unique needs. Blueprint is revised later depending upon progress.

First session

Expect at least 15 minutes, or longer if this is first time you're receiving massage, of engaged conversation with your therapist.

At iBliss, you are at the center and take a larger role. Your commitmment to wellness and participation in the treatment is essential for defeating pain and stress and helping gain your flexibility back.