Massage for Lupus

Experience elevated energy levels, and relief from chronic fatigue and pain. Our personalized and well-crafted plan of massage sessions promote relaxation, relieve pain and help improve mobility.

Feel much more uplifted physically and emotionally, just after few sessions that don't involve any medicines or invasive procedures.

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Our commitment to care

Thought of massage when in pain can be dreadful and even scary. Pain could be present in top layers of the skin or deep into joints. For patients with cutaneous lupus, excessive pressure may cause bleeding under the skin that leads to koebnerization so it is not unsual to percieve massage riskless.

At iBliss, certified and experienced therapists never use deep tissue massage for lupus patients. You can reschedule your session anytime if you are going hrough flares.

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Light fascial techniques and compression help relaxing fascia, connective tissue wrapped around muscles to lend them support, that in turn loosens the muscle. Rubbing muscles relieve physical tension in the muscles that may be contributing to pain which gives you much needed boost to manage your condition more effectively.

Massage therapy promotes secretion of endorphins, body's natural pain relievers, that are often referred to as "happiness hormone". Additionally, it keeps level of the stress hormone cortisol, at bay. Lupus and its medication may result into stress, anxiety or even depression which leads to poor sleep, fatigue and generalized aches. Receiving relaxing massage regularly help you experience relief from depressive symptoms while addressing the root chemical imbalance linked to depression.

Frequent headaches aren't uncommon. Periodic massages may alleviate intensity of chronic tension headaches and reduce the number of instances.

Our compassionate and experienced therapists understand pain and emotional responses to it. They have treated patientswith acute lupus that cannot even bear the touch. Tell us about what kind of Lupus you have and how it has impacted your health. Based on that, we work with you to set goals that meet your unique needs.

First session

Expect at least 15 minutes, or longer if this is first time you're receiving massage, of engaged conversation with your therapist.

At iBliss, you are at the center and take a larger role. Your commitmment to wellness and participation in the treatment is essential for defeating pain and stress and helping gain your flexibility back.