Our story

iBliss is the destination to holistic and individualized care, based on research and insights extracted from past treatments. Our empathetic, experienced and encouraging practitioners, with their relentless commitment to cure, support and stand with you in your journey to bliss.


We exist to help reveal the true nature of self, restore the natural rhythm of your body and nurturing a health aware community.


Offer holistic, non-invasive, side-effect free, low-cost and patient-centric pain management plans through multifaceted modalities in self care and healing.

How did it start?

Treatments for chronic pain are ineffective, expensive and often invasive. As a result, living with pain is bitter and unfortuante reality for many. Seeking temporary relief, managing pain with prescription pain killers is quite common. However, masking pain exacerbates it further. We realized the clear need of holistic and individualized care that identifies the root cause and fix it so you claim your life back and do things you enjoy.

What do we do?

Medical Massage, a simple and effect way to heal. Our philosophy is simple: "Get rid of the pain". Pain managment is pretty term for dragging the problem longer. The magical loop of massage-rest-exercise, repeated over time, puts you on the path of recovery.

iBliss Difference

Patient-Centric Care

Our treatment plans employ techniques that are effective in addressing your unique issues without any intervention, thereby avoiding any potentially adverse side effects. Our knowledgeable practitioners help uncover underlying causes and then explain in simple language.  Participation in your own care beyond treatment sessions is highly encouraged as it helps you reaping maximum benefits and hence faster healing. Supporting your own care by taking corrective measures in improving diet, postures and lifestyle yields better and rapid results. 

Non-invasive treatments

Expert practitioners at iBliss offers specialized medical massages such as myofascial release and trigger point release that aid in relieving pain and strains.

Who are we?

Our founder, Dr. Pratik Shah, renowned physical therapist and founder of iMotion Physical Therapy, long believed in a holistic approach to treatment and multifaceted modalities in healing.